Construction Finance

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Finance for everything, from homes to projects

Don’t be fooled, construction finance is very much a specialist area within the finance world. Not every finance broker has the required expertise. But at Integralife Financial Service, we do.

Construction finance specialists

Unless your construction finance is researched and managed properly, you can easily lose out. Fees can get out of hand. Deposits are lost. Thankfully, our finance brokers are experts, here to help you navigate the construction finance minefield.

Development and construction projects of all sizes

Our experience and knowledge spans the construction spectrum, from finance for building your first home, through to finance solutions for large-scale projects and commercial developments.

What’s more, our extended network of partners includes construction specialists and financial planners. That means we can play a proactive role in co-ordinating everything, providing invaluable advice that could help you save tens of thousands of dollars.

If you would like to find out more about construction finance solutions, or investor’s finance, contact our home loan and property finance team to arrange a no-obligation consultation.